The WE4F East Africa Innovation Call is looking for climate-friendly and resource-efficient solutions, such as the provision of products, processes, services, technologies, or business models addressing the water-energy-food nexus challenges in East Africa. These solutions may be digital or non-digital, organizational, financial, or advisory in nature. The WE4F programme is particularly interested in easily accessible, adaptive, low-cost solutions with immediate impacts and benefits for small-holder farmers and other value chain actors as well as net positive impacts on natural resources, especially water and energy.

The solutions themes to be considered includes:


Examples are biofertilizers,

nature-inspired organic inputs,

and drone spraying.

Examples are affordable, efficient production equipment,
equipment sharing platforms,
e-solutions for farm equipment and implements,
and solar-powered agro-mechanization.

Examples are solar-powered productive-use agricultural appliances

like solar driers, grain mills,

oil press, nuts thrashers,

and solar thermal fisheries-aeration.

Examples are mini-grids,

usage of process heat,

grid access,

and energy of by-products.

Examples are solar-powered cold storage,

biogas powered cooling system,

solar-powered drying, solar thermal seasoning,

bio-degradable packaging.

Examples are solar-powered refrigerated trucks,

electric tuk-tuks or motor for transporting produce,

supply chain management,

and market access solutions.

Examples are drip kits,
hydroponics, aquaponics,
solar water pumps,
precision irrigation.

An example is

Rainwater harvesting.

An example is

bio-agent treated water.

Examples are

desalination plants,

water treatment facility,

and saline tolerant crops.

Examples are

soil moisture sensors,

crop stress detection by drones,

and IoT platforms for Agri.

Examples are

pay-per-harvest model,

pay-as-you-go model,

and digital-based crop insurance.

Go wild!

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to your


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